Preliminary Q3 Sales of Smartphones for 2019

September 12, 2019

As the third quarter of 2019 comes to a close, several smartphones are rising to the top of the popularity and sales scale. Whether your customers are iPhone fans, love the Android operating system or are looking for the best Samsung smartphone on the market, take a look at these top-selling smartphones. Issoy, Inc. can stock your shelves with the phones customers are guaranteed to buy. Samsung S10 and S10+ Released in March 2019, the Samsung S10 has quickly climbed to the top of the charts. By minimizing discrepancies between the Snapdragon and Exynos variants, Samsung has created a great...

Protective Cases for iPhone 11 Models

September 09, 2019

Now that the new iPhone 11 has hit the shelves, manufacturers of mobile accessories are working hard to supply the protective cases and other accessories consumers need to protect users’ new investments. At Issoy, Inc., we work closely with some of the top names in the industry for protective smartphone cases. We’re proud to share the following brands that we have partnerships with who are already selling cases for iPhone 11 models: Case-Mate Griffin Incipio Pelican Speck UAG Contact Issoy, Inc. for liquidation prices on the mobile phone accessories your customers demand.

Comparing Apple’s New iPhone 11 Models

September 07, 2019

Now that Apple has released its newest iPhone, consumers are scrambling to figure out which model is going to work best for their day-to-day smartphone needs, whether those needs are for work or for play.  The new iPhone 11 comes in three models: the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. So, what’s the difference? We’ve put together a table to help you figure out where the new models differ so you can determine the best model to stock for your customers. iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Watch up to...

Apple Releases the New iPhone 11

September 02, 2019

iPhone fans are going crazy over the newest iPhone 11, released by Apple on September 20, 2019. Apple aficionados are excited about the newest iteration of the popular iPhone and its updated features: A new dual camera system with an ultra-wide lens that captures four times the scene as a standard lens.  Night Mode, the iPhone 11’s new low light setting, helps pick up everything that’s happening – automatically, without a flash – regardless of the time of day or lack of ambient light. Smart HDR works to more accurately reflect skin tone, highlights and shadows, along with stunning landscapes....

Wireless Headphones

August 18, 2019

For anyone who has ever had to untangle a set of headphones or caught their headphones on something while trying to move around the house or office, wireless headphones have been a welcome innovation. The newest wireless headphones have a number of great features – they’re no longer just for passively listening to music without having a cord follow you around. With their built-in microphones and Bluetooth technology, users can make and receive calls. In addition, voice recognition technology allows users to request tasks from their smartphones, including the weather, math calculations, scheduling reminders and more. Are your customers ready...

Samsung Launches New Galaxy Note 10

August 17, 2019

The top selling company for Q2 in the U.S. has great news for its fans: Samsung has just launched the Galaxy Note 10, the latest in its innovative approach to smartphones.  The Galaxy Note 10 isn’t just a smartphone. Its innovative design includes the technology so consumers can use it as a gaming console, a film studio and a pen-controlled computer, all in a single device. The new technology included in the Note 10 includes a longer-lasting battery that lasts for hours after just minutes of charging. With a 7nm processor, consumers can choose from 8 GB or 12 GB...

Samsung Stays at the Top of the Cell Phone List for Q2

August 15, 2019

The second quarter of 2019 showed Samsung at the top of the ranks for smartphone sales. As more and more consumers grow tired of the sticker prices on some cell phone models, the reliability and reasonable price on Samsung smartphones has made them the top seller in the U.S. At Issoy, Inc., we stock a range of products and accessories for Samsung phones. This includes protective cases, wireless headphones and much more.   Protective Cases for Samsung Smartphones Voyager Case for the S9, Blk/Blk - C38030-001a-Bkbk Voyager Clear Case for the Samsung S8+, Clr/Clr Gry - C30030-000a-Clcg Voyager Solid Case...

Leather Cases for iPhones

August 13, 2019

Stock sophisticated, well designed leather cases for iPhones for your style-conscious customers. At Issoy, Inc., we keep you stocked in the best products on the market for your clientele. We offer leather cases for a range of iPhone models so your customers can protect their smartphones in an ageless style that keeps them coming back for more.   Apple Iphone 6s Plus Leather Case Black - 888462508049 CaseMate Apple iPhone XR Barely There Leather, Black - CM037802 CaseMate Apple iPhone X/Xs Barely There Leather, Black - CM037746 CaseMate Apple iPhone Xs Max Barely There Leather, Black - CM037858

Heartrate Monitors for Athletes

August 11, 2019

An essential part of training for top athletes includes measuring heartrate and meticulously tracking training progression. Issoy, Inc. is excited new inventory from Polar, one of the top brands in heartrate monitor brands in the world. Contact us today for the best prices on wholesale lots of these goods.     Polar Heart Rate Monitor - black - Model #M460 HR This heart rate monitor uses GPS technology and a built-in barometer to track speed, route, altitude and even gradient. It’s compatible with most Bluetooth smart power meters and also comes with a GPS bike computer you can mount on your...

Athletic Training Products

August 07, 2019

The best athletes have their training down to a science and work to train within their target heartrate. The newest technology on the market makes measuring heartrate easy, especially if the athlete has a smartwatch or cell phone.  If you specialize in athletic electronics, you’re in the right place. Issoy, Inc. has a range of products available for you.    GPS/Heartrate Monitors For Bikes Polar Heart Rate Monitor - black - Model #M460 HR Polar Heart Rate Monitor - white - Model #V650 HR   Heartrate Monitors for Runners and Swimmers Polar Heart Rate Monitor - white - Model #V650...

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