5 Best Minimalist Phone Cases You Can Buy Wholesale

August 03, 2021

Anyone with a smartphone knows how important it is to keep their devices safe and secure. This is why there are plenty of users who are on the lookout for a reliable phone case to use whenever they get a new device. 

As a shop owner, you need to be able to bring these phone cases to them. But at the same time, you will need to keep a stock of fast-moving wholesale phone cases in your store. Otherwise, you might end up with a number of phone cases that won't be marketable anymore. 

In recent years, the advocates of the minimalist movement have continued to grow in numbers. Minimalism in design and lifestyle as a whole is something that is also adopted in new technologies, and phone cases are one of them. 

With these in mind, it's only important that you keep an inventory of the best-selling minimalist wholesale phone cases. Here are some of the best ones that customers are always looking for. 

Speck Products Presidio Stay Clear Case (iPhone X/XS)


When it comes to clear cases, the ones offered by Speck Products are always a good suggestion. Not only do these phone cases help give the protection your customers need, they also help make the device look good. 

Because of how lightweight the case feels, it barely feels like anything at all. This is what most users enjoy about the Speck Presidio Stay Clear Case. Despite this, the case provides a snug fit and sturdy quality. It is also easy to install and remove without the need for any tools. 

Get the Speck Products Presidio Stay Clear Case for iPhone X/XS here

UAG Monarch Feather-Light Rugged (iPhone 11 Pro)


One of the things people like most about the UAG Monarch Feather-Light phone case is that it has a rugged frame. But what many do not know about this particular phone case is that it boasts of a five-layer protection backed with a ten-year limited warranty. 

This phone case has a soft impact-resistant core and a honeycomb traction grip, which means it won't easily slip out of your hand. The material is handcrafted using top grain leather and metal hardware. Despite this material, the case is compatible with Apple Pay and wireless charging so your customers can continue to enjoy these features of their device. Lastly, this smartphone case has met 2X military drop-test standards. 

Get a wholesale deal on the UAG Monarch Feather-Light Rugged for iPhone 11 Pro here

Scooch Wingman Case (Galaxy S10e)


If there's one thing that makes the Scooch Wingman Case stand out from the other wholesale phone cases that are available in the market, it has to be the built-in kickstand. This feature makes it easy for smartphone users to prop out their phones while watching a video in landscape or portrait view. 

Aside from the pop-out kickstand, this particular phone case adds rugged protection to the device. It can withstand falls from up to ten feet, which makes it a suitable choice for anyone with an active lifestyle. The phone case also has textured grip panels on the sides, making it easy to hold on your hands. 

Head here to take the Scooch Wingman Case to your shop. 

Lander - Moab Rugged Outdoor Cases (iPhone 11 Pro)


Not a lot of cellphone users know that prolonged exposure to temperatures can negatively affect the daily performance and even permanently damage a battery. This is where Moab’s technology comes in. Its advanced insulation layer keeps iPhone performing at peak levels for longer periods by regulating the temperature.

On top of this impressive feat is the sleek and modern design that comes in a solid shade of marine blue. The textured siding provides confident grip and comfort, preventing slippage. This case with military grade strength also features subtle reflective details, enabling quick location in the dark using Illumifind technology. 

Get this durable minimalist case here


Tech21 Protective Case Thin Patterned Back Cover with FlexShock (Galaxy S10)


Straightforward in features and design, this Tech21 Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with subtle design details that highlig the phones original beauty. Non-bulk but tested for protection, it can withstand any drop from up to 3.6 meters. It’s also tested to work perfectly with wireless connectivity.

Score this Galaxy case here.

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