Apple Glasses: The New Smartphone?

November 29, 2019

Apple is thinking about putting its own iPhones out of business with new Apple Glasses. The tech superpower estimates that new virtual reality glasses will likely replace smartphones within a decade, a pretty fast turnaround considering the new Apple glasses are not supposed to hit the market until 2022.

Apple Glasses are rumored to have advanced artificial intelligence and virtual reality capabilities, plus all the bells and whistles that smartphones currently give their users. The new AR capabilities are centered around a new 3D sensor system that Apple has been developing for the past several years. This system includes a much more advanced form of facial ID than is currently on the market.

Although this is considered a long-term trend, it is building on the current market of virtual reality headsets, smart wearables and watches that are already on the market. Although certainly it is true that a set of glasses could easily take over a lot of tasks a smartphone currently covers, whether the trend will take root – and whether it will happen within the timeline Apple has suggested – remains to be seen.

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