Bulk iPhone LCD Screens

October 04, 2020

In addition to selling smartphones and their accessories, selling smartphone repair tools is a great way to keep your business profitable. Investing in bulk iPhone LCD screens is one of the most important ways to do this.

The smartphone screen is the arguably the most important piece of the smartphone for the user. Clearly the hardware inside the phone has to work, but what’s inside doesn’t matter if the user can’t see the apps to use the phone because of a shattered screen. Phone screens are an essential part of a working smartphone, especially since most phones are touch screens these days.

Many smartphone manufacturers have switched to OLED screens, which have a higher resolution. Samsung was the first manufacturer to switch from LCD to OLED screens; iPhone followed suit not long after. Although it looks like most smartphone manufacturers are switching to OLED screens in the near future, it’s important to understand that any smartphone that uses an OLED screen can also use an LCD screen. Even more importantly to your customers, replacement LCD screens for iPhones are cheaper than replacement OLED screens by a significant amount. Replacing iPhone screen with an LCD screen can cost as little as $40-$140; the cost for replacing an OLED screen can be anywhere from $250-$380. 

Even the newest iPhone screens can be replaced with an LCD screen, saving the customer money after they’ve already invested so much in their phone.

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