Bulk iPhone LCD Screens

November 02, 2020

Christmas might be especially sweet for some of us, with new iPhone 12 phones in our stockings or under the Christmas tree. However, Santa may be decidedly unhappy with us if we’re unlucky enough to crack the screens on those new phones—the new ceramic OLED iPhone screens cost $300 to replace. That’s a 41 percent jump from the price of replacing LCD screens on current models. 

However, there’s a more cost-effective fix that retailers and elves should know about: the new OLED screens can be replaced by LCD screens. 

Although there are some slight visual drawbacks—LCD screen resolution isn’t quite as advanced as that of OLED screens—the difference is minor enough to be worth the savings for many people who just paid $800+ for their iPhone 12. 

By investing in bulk LCD screens for iPhones, you’re giving your business a leg up, making you a much more likely place for Santa and his elves to shop this Christmas, and after.

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