Cell Phone Accessories Market Continues to Grow

October 07, 2020

Although no one is sure what the holiday season will look like during the quarantines due to the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, there is still likely to be a surge in buying, even if numbers don’t reach the levels of previous years. Looking even further ahead than the 2020 holiday season there’s good news: the global mobile phone accessories market size is expected to grow from $25 Million in 2019 to $ 37 Million by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.58 percent.

Smartphones have become an even more important mainstay during 2020 as the population has scrambled to find a way to stay connected with loved ones, employers and clients alike. Whereas it used to be simple to schedule an in-person meeting, this is less possible today. Keeping smartphones running and maximizing their use and usability has become essential, not only for keeping in touch, but also for keeping the economy from grinding to a halt.

Here are the top cell phone accessories to keep stocked so your customers have the tools they need to both work from home and stay connected with relatives and friends:

Adapters and Cables

Adapters and cables make it possible to plug smartphones into other accessories, such as larger screens, speakers and chargers. This may seem like a small thing, but anyone who has ever lost their charging cable will tell you that this simple four-foot rope can make or break a day or an evening if you’re fighting against your dying battery.  

Car and Travel Accessories

Using a GPS on a phone will wear down the battery faster. Fumbling with your phone while driving will make it more likely you’ll be in an accident. These two very common scenarios are easily remedied with car accessories for phones, such as car chargers that plug into the cigarette lighter or charging port. Phone mounts give you a place to put your phone that’s viewable while you’re driving without taking your eyes off the road unnecessarily.

Batteries and Chargers

One of the best innovations among cell phone accessories is the external backup battery. These batteries can be charged separately and kept nearby. When you see your phone’s internal battery running low, you can plug your phone into the external battery to recharge it. This is a great option for traveling, when you’re on the move and when you’ve been using apps that eat through battery power.

Headsets and Earbuds

Since the advent of the smartphone, MP3 players and other music players have disappeared almost completely. We now have the ability to listen to music anywhere using just our smartphones, thanks in large part to the wide range of headsets and ear buds, that both amplify the sounds we want to hear and muffle the background noises we want to cut out. 


Wireless keyboards are a great addition to the remote worker’s toolkit especially. With a wireless keyboard, you can place your screen at eye level, even if it’s attached to your laptop, and place your wireless keyboard can be much lower. 

Photography Accessories

Anyone can take better photographs on their smartphone with the many photography accessories available for phones. These range from stabilizing tripods to extra lenses to much more. 

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