Earphones and Hearables

December 17, 2019

Like it or not, consumers and retailers alike are going to have to come to terms with the newest technology trend: hearables. Although this term can incorporate all types of earphones and speakers, the newest trend among smartphone manufacturers is to remove the phone jack completely from phones to push users toward wireless Bluetooth listening devices. Even when phone jacks are still available, the cost and availability of wireless headphones is making these relatively new innovations into the industry standard. 

Wireless headphones vary widely, from headset-like models that go over the top of the head to completely separate earbuds that fit directly into the ear. The newest models range from sport versions that are water and sweat proof to noise-canceling versions for use in busy or loud locations.

Although Apple is the currently the largest producer of hearables, most of the major historic manufacturers of sounds systems and headphones are creating their own updated versions of their headsets and earphones to keep up with the market. 

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