Featured Product: Samsung Wireless Fitness Earbuds

January 11, 2021

For anyone who has switched from wired to wireless headphones, the advantages are immediately obvious. Mostly, all the advantages come down to being able to talk, do dishes, exercise or hold a child without the threat of catching the cord and tearing the earphones from your head. The ease of use of a wireless headset makes it worth looking like you’re walking around talking to yourself if you’re wearing them while you’re on the phone. 

This month, Issoy, Inc.’s featured product is the Samsung Cordfree Fitness Earbuds. These earbuds fit into your ears and have no cords whatsoever. They’re held in place with ear gels that will keep them from moving or falling out without causing pain or discomfort. They’re coated with a water-resistant finish so they can be used during sweaty workouts. Not only will they sync to both smartphones and third-party fitness apps, they also have a built-in, 4 GB standalone music player, so you can listen to music without carrying your smartphone with you. They also have a built-in fitness tracker that can share exercise information with the device of your choice. 

These Gear IconX earbuds sync wirelessly with both Android and iPhone operating systems. They will also work with many fitness apps—check the user manual to see compatibility options.

Interested in stocking these Samsung wireless fitness earbuds for your retail store? Contact Issoy, Inc. today to learn more about our partner discounts on wholesale orders.