Foldable Phone = Tablet + Smartphone?

June 05, 2020

Is there a chance that foldable phones will replace tablets and smartphones? As the world deals with the shock and recession resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers are looking for the most cost-efficient ways to accomplish tasks. This includes ways to work productively at home and be able to transition easily from home to office when they’re able to return to work. In addition, businesses are looking for ways to keep costs down and reduce overhead amidst the uncertainty of the future. At this point, it’s unclear whether there will be a resurgence of cases, or when a vaccine or more widespread testing will be available.

The growing popularity of foldable phones may continue to pick up, especially as tech manufacturers seek ways to give consumers more bang for their buck. Although the current models aren’t quite up to snuff, some brands are working on ways to give customers a single option that can serve as both a tablet and a smartphone. The answer may be a new iteration of a foldable phone.

Unlike a tablet, a foldable phone fits into your pocket for easy portability. At the same time, it also provides a larger screen than a standard cell phone for reading and writing emails, checking social media and even attending a video conference call.  Add in the advantages of not having to worry about file sharing across multiple devices, keeping track of multiple charging cords and battery lives, and you’ve already simplified many steps for your customer. A foldable phone also incorporates the great camera options of a smartphone with the larger screen advantage for watching movies or the same videos you just recorded.

Although currently the cost of foldable phones is more than the combined cost of purchasing many cell phones and tablets combined, it’s likely the price will drop as more foldable phones reach the market. For now, keeping an eye on the foldable phone trend is important for retailers who are interested in staying ahead of the competition.

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