Foldable vs. Dual Screen Phones

October 17, 2019

It’s already been shown that working with two screens is more productive. As more and more of work and play happen on the go, global technology leaders have been working on creating a portable solution for two screens that will fit in users’ pockets.

The question has quickly become whether or not a dual screen is better than a foldable one. Dual screens are essentially separate monitors set side by side; the foldable screen is much more like one large screen with two halves.

Dual screens are winning out in the newest models. Much less likely to crack and break and much more likely to help with productivity for obvious reasons, the dual screen models on the market are harnessing the accessibility of a smartphone and pairing it with the productivity available in a two-monitor system.

"We know scientifically you'll be more productive on two screens," said Panos Panay, Microsoft's chief product officer. "But it has to be elegant. It has to fit in your pocket."

The Microsoft Surface Duo is the tech giant’s answer to the dual screen question. It works with a digital pen, a larger total screen space than foldable phone options, and glass screens that are much more resilient than other polymer-based screens that are much more prone to damage.