Google’s New Nest Toys

October 24, 2019

Google has acquired Nest, a smart speaker producer, and has rebranded its smart speakers to reflect the new member of the Google family. 

The Nest Mini retails for about $50 and hit the shelves October 22. The Nest Mini has a new machine-learning chip that makes it smarter and faster than the Google Mini, Google’s iteration of the speaker that it released last year. The new chip, the company says, makes the speaker “smarter and faster,” allowing the speaker to do more from the device without accessing the cloud, speeding up response times for the user’s most common commands.

The Nest Mini also incorporates improvements to Google’s digital assistant. With a simple voice command, users can now transfer music from one device to another. The Mini will also adjust the music volume according to the background noise in the room.

Nest WIFI, Google’s new mesh wireless router, is comprised of the main router plus several signal booster units to increase the speed, power and range of the user’s home WIFI network. With three satellite boosters, Nest WIFI can cover up to 3,8000 square feet.

Nest WIFI is now available for preorder and will ship to buyers on November 4. Available colors include white, light brown and gray.

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