How to Add Your Covid-19 Vaccine Card to Your Smartphone

September 10, 2021

The Covid-19 vaccine is making it much easier for people to travel, both domestically and internationally. More importantly for many people, there are a number of group activities that are now available closer to home for people who can show their proof of vaccination, including attending sporting events, concerts and more. 

It’s not always convenient to take your vaccine card with you—even more importantly, carting it all over the place with you means you’re much more likely to lose it. 

Fortunately, there are a couple ways to add your Covid-19 card to your smartphone. This ensures you always have it with you, and it also means that you’ll have it backed up even if you lose your smartphone, as long as you’ve set up backup options first. Not to mention that saving your vaccination card to your phone means you’ll have one less thing to carry at that concert or ball game.

Here are a couple different options for saving your vaccine card to your smartphone. 

Take a picture

Although this is clearly the easiest option, simply taking a picture of your vaccine card also has some drawbacks. If you regularly take pictures, you’ll have to scroll through them all to find the vaccine pic. The way around this is to set up a separate hidden album with the vaccination card in it so it’s easy to access and also not viewable to just anyone. 

To create a separate hidden album on an iPhone, select the picture, then click the share button and choose Hide. This will put it in a separate album you can find by going to Albums then scrolling to Utilities.

For Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel users, create a locked folder to store the vaccine card picture in.

Scan it to your smartphone

Scanning your card to your smartphone can provide a bit of additional security. 

For Apple users, use the Notes app to do this. Open Notes, then click on the camera icon. Choose Scan Document, then you can choose whether to lock it with a passcode. You can also name the scan so it’s easy to find later with a simple search.

 For smartphone users that use Android 5 or newer operating systems, you can store your vaccination card as a pass. To do this, find the vaccination card and choose Save to Phone. If asked, choose to save to Google Pay, then hit Continue. Read through the consent information and choose I Agree. At that point you’ll be able to set up a shortcut icon to the vaccine card on your home screen. 

Use a Vaccination Card App

There are a number of options for saving your vaccine card to your phone using a specific app. This includes several options from various states, such as the Docket app for New Jersey residents and the Excelsior pass for New Yorkers. There are also options such as VaxYes, which lets users transform their vaccination cards to a digital pass that can be added to Google Pay or Apple Wallet. 

Use Another App

Many other companies are jumping on the bandwagon to provide easy access to vaccination cards for their customers. For example, both Sam’s Club and Walmart will provide this service to their account members.

Ultimately there are a lot of choices for saving your Covid-19 vaccination card to your smartphone for easy access. It’s just a question of finding the option that’s easiest for you to implement and find when you need it for that next ball game or concert.

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