How to Sterilize Your Technology

March 02, 2020

As concerns of contracting and spreading the coronavirus increase, users and businesses are busy ramping up on their cleaning and sanitizing. If you’re a retail business owner with a store full of technology, we’ve got some suggestions for keeping your store sanitized so your customers feel comfortable coming in and buying what they need to stay connected during quarantines and social isolation.

First of all, it’s important to know that technology is not an ideal environment for most microorganisms to live: there’s nothing for them to feed on. At the same time, this probably won’t be a great selling point for your customers. You’d do better to give them suggestions about how to sanitize their smartphones if they ask, and tell them all the ways you’re helping to protect them through cleaning your store.

Here are some tips for cleaning smartphones and other technology that you can use and also pass on to your customers:

How to Sterilize Your Technology

How to Sterilize Your Place of Business

If you’re staying open so customers can get what they need during the pandemic, consider these steps to keep yourself and your customers safe:

Suggest to customers that now is a great time to invest in a smartphone case that’s easy to take off and clean. Click here to browse Issoy’s phone case inventory.