LG No Longer Producing LCD Screens in Bulk

February 05, 2021

According to a supply chain report, LG has stopped making iPhone LCD screens. LG was once one of the major players in the mobile phone world; however, their lead seems to be slipping. 

Originally, both LG and Samsung supplied LCD screens in bulk to Apple for their iPhones. Having two manufacturers gave Apple better bargaining power and made sure LCD screens would never be in short supply, even if one manufacturer ran into manufacturing or supply chain issues. However, Apple has recently switched to a newer, more high-resolution OLED screen, and LG was late to jump on board. Although they’re now manufacturing OLED screens as well, Samsung got a head start on their production and is currently providing more of the screens for Apple’s newest iPhones that use them.

Although LG had continued to manufacture LCD screens for Apple’s older models, the company ceased the practice in the third quarter of 2020. However, Samsung shouldn’t get too comfortable – Japan Display and Sharp have both picked up the slack to continue to make LCD Screens for sale in bulk to Apple. 

Considering how many older models of iPhones are still on the market, it’s important to users that LCD screens remain available to fix broken screens on otherwise perfectly good phones. In addition, LCD screens can be used to replace the OLED screens on newer iPhones. That option is cheaper than replacing an OLED screen with a new one, with only a slight loss in resolution.

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