New Ways to Use Your Smartphone

February 16, 2021

Issoy, Inc. continues to be interested in sharing the latest research with you about the new ways technology is making smartphones even more essential to our everyday lives. Here are the latest breakthroughs.

New Rapid At-Home Covid 19 Test Uses a Smartphone

The University of Arizona is working on a Covid 19 test that uses a microscope and a smartphone to review user saliva samples and gives test results within 10 minutes. This new test uses technology first developed to detect the norovirus using a smartphone. Costing a total of about $45, the process requires a smartphone, a piece of microfluidic paper, and a simple microscope. The new rapid at-home test will first be tested on volunteer students and is hoped to make it much easier for people to test themselves at home for the coronavirus. 

Using a Smartphone to Measure Blood Oxygen Levels at Home

There’s an optical tool already in many smartphones that could help detect lowering blood oxygen levels and worsening respiratory function, potentially alerting the user of a potentially serious medical issue. Photoplethysmography (PPG) is already used in smartwatches and cardio equipment to monitor pulse and other biometrics. Scientists are now working to adjust the PPG to detect whether someone is dealing with some of the more serious consequences of Covid-19 and other similar viruses and illnesses. Researchers at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine are working on developing an app that will use the already-present optical tool to remotely monitor symptoms of respiratory viral pandemics, such as Covid 19. The new app could also help people manage other illnesses, such as chronic cardiopulmonary disease. Giving both medical personnel and smartphone users access to this data can help with remote triage and monitoring of medical conditions, allowing the patient to stay at home unless it becomes medically necessary to go to a hospital.

The New Smartphone Vacuum Sealer

Outside the medical realm, there’s a new way to keep your food fresh using your smartphone. The new system from SealVax is a pocket-friendly pump that plugs into a smartphone, sucks the air out of a plastic bag and seals it. SealVax comes with reusable, heat-resistant bags with a gusset base so they can stand upright on their own. SealVax has two ports: a type-c port and a lightning connector for use with both iPhone and Android smartphones.

Beam Me Up, Scotty the Smartphone!

Thyssenkrupp has developed a new app that pairs with elevator systems to more efficiently move people to where they need to go. The new thyssenkrupp Elevator app registers when someone enters a building and tells them which elevator to use to get to their floor the fastest. It automatically groups users based on their destinations, and can be programmed for social distancing, limiting the amount of people in a car for safest use. It also reduces the need for users to touch the buttons and other surfaces within the elevator, reducing the spread of germs.