Online Retailers Step in As Amazon Prioritizes Groceries

March 23, 2020

In light of the novel coronavirus pandemic, there are a number of ways that business as usual has been affected. Many more people are ordering their groceries and necessities online. Having goods delivered to their house reduces the need to go into crowded grocery stores and helps with social isolation policies that are in place.

As a result, some of the largest online retailers are scrambling to keep up with demand. Amazon, one of the best-known online stores in the U.S., has announced that it is prioritizing household items and groceries and other items that are stocked in its warehouses. They’ve also announced that customers should expect delays on their orders. 

In light of these changes, many small businesses have been able to step in to fill in the gaps. Those with brick and mortar stores have found a willing clientele when they started offering free local deliveries and curbside pickups. Some of those same stores and online retailers who offer discounts and quick turnarounds on shipping are also pleasantly surprised with the number of orders they’re receiving. This is especially true for electronics retailers, who have the products people need to connect to others and work from home during social isolation.

No, it’s not easy to change your business model overnight. However, at a time when online sales are skyrocketing as more people shelter in place at home, the businesses that are willing to take the time and energy to figure out how to best continue to get products to their customers are seeing an opportunity, especially as Amazon struggles to keep up with non-essential orders that other retailers have in stock.

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