Replacing iPhone 11 LCD Screens

January 03, 2021

Have some of your customers complained that the LCD screens of their iPhone 11s aren’t working the way they’re supposed to? They aren’t alone. Apple has issued a notice that a percentage of iPhone 11 screens are defective. As a result, they’re offering iPhone 11 screen replacements for free. 

Troubleshooters traced the issue to a problem with the display module that causes the screen to stop responding to touch. They’ve traced the issue to iPhone 11 smartphones manufactured between November 2019 and May of 2020. 

The first step in determining whether a customer’s phone is eligible for the free replacement is to find the serial number of the phone. They can do this by going to Settings 🡪 General 🡪 About. They can then enter the serial number where prompted into this page on Apple's website to see if their phone is in the effected batch. 

However, you want to make sure your customers know that this free LCD screen replacement won’t cover damage to their phones that happened through other means, such as cracked screens or phones that have been dropped into liquid. In these cases, you can position your retail store to be a great resource by offering LCD screen replacements for damage incurred through everyday wear and tear that doesn’t have anything to do with the manufacturing defect.

Issoy, Inc. offers bulk LCD screens at a discounted price so your store can offer screen replacements for iPhone users. Our screens work on all iPhone models, including the new iPhone 12 phones with the new OLED displays. 

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