Samsung Launches New Galaxy Note 10

August 17, 2019

The top selling company for Q2 in the U.S. has great news for its fans: Samsung has just launched the Galaxy Note 10, the latest in its innovative approach to smartphones. 

The Galaxy Note 10 isn’t just a smartphone. Its innovative design includes the technology so consumers can use it as a gaming console, a film studio and a pen-controlled computer, all in a single device. The new technology included in the Note 10 includes a longer-lasting battery that lasts for hours after just minutes of charging. With a 7nm processor, consumers can choose from 8 GB or 12 GB models for playing videos and streaming content. There’s even an option to include a 5G+ chip in the new Note10+.

Just as powerful as a laptop, the Note 10 has become one of the most innovative computers on the market, all in a leaner smartphone-sized package.  Choose between a 6.3-inch and a 6.8-inch display in this stylish, slim smartphone that’s designed for easy carrying and use.