Smartphone Cases with Keyboards: The Next Big Thing?

May 10, 2020

The Chinese company Oppo filed a patent for a smartphone case with a keyboard. The QWERTY keyboard – the keyboard we’ve all been using on our laptops for years – disappeared with the advent of the touch screen, but many people prefer the tactile ability to type. Oppo is betting that having both options will make the QWERTY keyboard a must-have for a lot of consumers. Although it’s not yet clear, tech experts assume the keyboard will link to the phone via a Bluetooth connection.

At this point the phone case with a keyboard is not for sale – it’s still just a patent. However, this may indicate a new phone accessory trend for retailers to keep an eye on. Although this isn’t the first keyboard phone case option, Oppo may have found some ways to innovate their product to make it more popular among consumers.

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