Syntropy Stack’s New, Better Internet

March 19, 2021

Syntropy, a San Francisco-based tech company, has created a new, cutting-edge internet option. Syntropy Stack is the brainchild of some of the top tech minds across industries and funded by angel investors from Fortune 500 companies. Stack is certain to change the internet as we know it, in a positive way.

Stack is a new, user-centered layer of the internet that is compatible with the current public version. The new layer is secure, programmable, and optimized automatically. This fresh, versatile option is encrypted and developer-friendly for everything from online gaming to blockchain integration. 

Stack’s combination of tools and technology are encrypted by default and optimized for anyone to build and launch applications, not just the technologically elite. 

Syntropy Stack launched in January 2021, and already has a major following and stellar leadership. The company just announced that former Verizon SVP Shawn Hakl and former AT&T Chief Product Officer have joined their advisory board. 

“Syntropy has developed a transformative technology with the potential to fundamentally change the way data moves across public networks,” Hakl said. 

“Syntropy is leading the creation of an intelligent, scalable and secure internet, which enables developers to interconnect devices, applications and distributed cloud environments via standard set of web-based tools.” said Pacewicz.

Its founders hail from companies such as Equinix and JP Morgan, and it has already formalized relationships with Cisco and other major players in the global technology sector.