Tech Startup Turns LCD Screens Into Holographic Displays

July 03, 2021

A young team of entrepreneurs can turn regular LCD screens into 3-D holograms. 

VividQ, a tech startup in the United Kingdom, has developed technology to turn regular LCD screens into holographic screens that show three-dimensional images. 

VividQ has already raised $15 million and is ironing out partnerships with manufacturers in the U.S., China and Japan to produce digital displays and devices with the holographic technology already incorporated. However, their technology that produces 3-D holographic images on legacy screens—such as the LCD screens found on most smartphones—has been a major part of their success in funding rounds to date. 

VividQ’s sights are set on the automotive industry, head-mounted displays and smart glasses.  

“At VividQ, we are on a mission to bring holographic displays to the world for the first time,” said VividQ CEO and co-founder Darran Milne. “Our solutions help bring innovative display products to the automotive industry, improve AR experiences, and soon will change how we interact with personal devices, such as laptops and mobiles.”

Their technology for turning legacy LCD screens into three-dimensional holographic displays will undoubtedly accelerate the overall global shift to 3-D technology. It will allow users to make the transition without investing in a new smartphone. Considering that users are extending the amount of time between upgrades to new phones, this is a smart move on the part of VividQ to help move more users into 3-D use at a faster clip.

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