The Future of IoT

December 11, 2019

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the landscape in homes and businesses alike. Through this new and growing technology, consumers can do everything from check whether they need to stop at the store for milk on the way home to speak to the UPS guy leaving a package on their porch while they’re still at work. However, it doesn’t end there: businesses are using smart devices to track logistics, log analytics in real time, and increase efficiency and productivity across the board. 

How will IoT continue to change and mold in the future? Here are some pieces to think about and how you can jump on the bandwagon to increase your own business’ productivity. 

New 5G integration

IoT devices must be cutting edge to continue to do the work that’s being sent their way. By investing now in 5G integration before it’s the new world standard, companies can maintain their cutting edge over their competitors. 

Enhanced Smart Speaker Options

No, smart speakers aren’t just for home use. Businesses can tap into smart speaker assistants to check temperature and lighting in storerooms, remotely turn on coffee makers and heat on the way to a meeting, and allow employees to log hours without doing more than give a command out loud. 

Supply Chain and Logistics Transformation

Many Businesses use IoT for remotely detecting and rectifying issues, tracking and logging maintenance needs, monitoring production line efficiency, and supervising devices. All these pieces can directly impact a company's revenue.

Bundled Services

The future of IoT will likely move in the direction of bundled services. Instead of standalone technology, it will likely become common practice for businesses to be able to purchase IoT bundles tailored to their industry, providing pre-programmed company smartphones with smart speakers, apps and other technology for a single seamless system. 

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