The New 2022 iPhone SE will Stick with LCD Screen

April 05, 2021

Although originally slated for release in 2021, changes to the global market—likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic—have caused Apple to change their release date for the third generation SE to 2022. 

Unlike Apple’s other new phones, the iPhone SE will stick with a 4.7-inch LCD screen instead of the OLED screen its higher end models have been sporting. The newest SE, iPhone’s most economical smartphone, will also have low-band 5G capabilities. 

There are additional rumors that the fourth iteration of the iPhone SE—supposedly set to launch sometime in 2023—will feature a hole-punch display for the selfie camera on the phone’s front instead of the notch display that iPhones currently use. There’s no word yet on whether that iPhone will use an LCD screen or not, but it’s likely the phone and screen size will be bigger than the SE 3. Rumors have also surfaced at the 2022 iPhone SE will feature a dual-lens camera as well. 

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