U.S. Sanctions Have Little Effect on Huawei’s Growing Market Share

August 01, 2019

Despite threatens of sanctions from U.S. President Trump, Huawei’s share of the U.S. market grew in the 2nd quarter of 2019. The Chinese company came in second behind Samsung for the largest number of best-selling cell phones for U.S. consumers, shipping out 58.7 million devices. These numbers represent a 1.7% growth for Huawei, despite an overall year-over-year drop in smartphones sales as a whole for the U.S.

Market shares have fluctuated considerably in recent days as the U.S. tries to establish when and if additional tariffs will be implemented on foreign goods. As of August 14, announced sanctions and tariffs on certain foreign imports – including cell phones – has been postponed from September 1 to December 15. Before then, Huawei and its U.S. market partners were scrambling to figure out how to continue doing business if working with the tech giant required special permission, a decision originally announced in May and since canceled by the Trump administration. 

Despite all the back and forth, demand for Huawei’s phones remains high, especially for some of its newest innovations, including the Huawei P30 Pro. 

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