Ultra Long Range Wireless VGA Transmitter – GWLRVGATX

April 02, 2019

Invest in this 600 ft range wireless long range video transmitter from Iogear for high definition, high quality video and audio for your business.

Transmit audio and video from a PC, display or projector up to 600 feet without sacrificing the sound and picture quality. This transmitter is idea for use with HD, DVI and VGA displays.

This long-range transmitter is ideal for digital signs or applications where A/V signals need to be sent long distances without sacrificing quality: sporting events, event venues, concerts, houses of worship, airports, retail stores and restaurants.

No need to invest in expensive long video cables; forget them and the tangled clutter they create. This transmitter works with the VGA output receiver (GWLRVGARX) also available from Issoy, Inc. Connect your laptop or source to the receiver and seamlessly transmit your audio or video up to 600 feet without sacrificing quality.