Ways to Reuse an Old Smartphone

November 12, 2020

Not everyone upgrades to a new phone because their old phone doesn’t work anymore. Certainly it may be slower or have a cracked screen, but oftentimes the upgrade is just that: buying a new one that will work better, even while the older one is still limping along. 

Many service carriers offer trade-in promotions, but not everyone wants, needs or qualifies for them. So, what should your customers do with their old phones that they aren’t using anymore? Here are some ideas.

Keep It As a Spare

It’s happened to everyone: you drop your phone in a puddle or leave it on top of your car when you back out of the driveway and find it smashed when you remember what you did. It always seems to happen at the worst possible time, when you’re most desperately in need of it, too. Although these days, one could argue that there’s never a good time to lose or break a smartphone.

Keeping your old phone as a backup can spare you the agonizing days of waiting for a new one, not to mention the price tag of rushing out to buy a new one immediately.

Use It As a TV Remote

Both iPhones and Android OS phones have apps that make them programmable to work as remote controls for your television sets and various other streaming devices. Instead of buying a new remote, why not use what you’ve already got? It may even be easier to figure out.

As a Gaming Device

Got gamers in the house? Maybe you do and don’t know it. Your old smartphone can be both a remote control or turned into a handheld gaming device that sits on the coffee table or anywhere else someone might want a moment of solitude and some mindless pleasure.

Set Up A Webcam

Instead of investing in an expensive webcam that you may have to wait weeks for, you can download free apps to turn your phone into a webcam you can use on Zoom or for any other uses you need. Chances are your smartphone has a better camera than a lot of the webcams on the market, too.

For Storage

Is your computer bogged down with pictures? Do you keep losing your USB drive because it’s too small and easy to misplace? You can easily use your old phone to store anything a USB drive would store, including videos, music, pictures, files and more.

Set it Up For the Kids

It doesn’t take long for a kid to realize that Mommy’s or Daddy’s phone is the coolest thing in the room. Instead of constantly having to fight them for your own phone, you can take your old phone and set it up for them, with cartoons, kid games and security locks so they can’t go buying anything on accident.

Donate It To Charity

Many charities will accept gently used smartphones. Considering their high price tags, it’s not surprising that many people find them hard to pay for. If you think about how much harder your life would be without a smartphone, you’ll understand how much easier it would make someone’s life who is struggling to afford one. You may also be able to write off the donation on your taxes, too.

Take It Apart

Maybe you or someone else in your family likes to figure out how things work. Your old smartphone gives you the perfect chance to do that. Video tutorials give step-by-step instructions on how to take it apart—once you’ve done that, do you think you could put it back together, too?