Ballistic Inventory

Ballistic is a U.S. company that has been engineering quality protective cases for Apple and Samsung smartphones and tablets for more than 20 years. Their commitment to quality extends beyond customer service to the very materials they use to create their products. The low-durometer compounds in their cases are made to withstand major shocks and impacts. Through years of commitment and research, Ballistic created Six-Sided Drop Protection and impact-proof Ballistic Corners® to protect customers’ valuable technology. Their products are designed using military specifications and drop tests to guard smartphones from everything from the trials and errors of everyday use to adrenaline-inducing hazards. 

“Without our disciplined approach,” the Ballistics website states, “We couldn’t have created innovations like Six-Sided Drop Protection, shock-absorbing Air Gap Suspension Springs, or even our enduring 180° rotating holster clip. But that’s what happens when your goal is Perfecting Protection™.”

Issoy stocks a Ballistic brand protective cases for smartphones and tablets, available to retailers at wholesale prices. Contact us today to learn more about our discounted rates on bulk cell phone cases.