Scooch Inventory

When serial entrepreneur John Stagge looked around at the smartphone case industry, he saw a lot of phone cases that protected phones or made them look good, but few that added any value beyond protecting the phone from a drop. He created Scooch to find ways to help support the many ways smartphones were turning into more than just mobile phones. 

As a result, Scooch’s innovative smartphone cases include a revolutionary kickstand that allows users to press on one side and release a stand that will hold the phone upright for hands-off viewing, picture taking and videos. This U.S.-based company also makes several options for securing a smartphone within view for easy GPS access, plus several smartphone wallet combinations.
The company also donates 10 percent of profits to charities dedicated to serving and empowering victims of crime and abuse. Issoy is proud to stock their products.

Scooch’s cases are compatible with Apple, Samsung and LG smartphones. Browse our inventory of Scooch products today.