Polar M460 GPS Bike Computer with H10 Heart Rate Sensor

Polar M460 GPS Bike Computer with H10 Heart Rate Sensor

90069008 M460 HR
Polar M460 is a GPS bike computer with advanced power meter compatibility, Strava Live Segments and Polar Smart Coaching. Packed with plenty of essential cycling features, it's a great value companion for both road cycling and mountain biking.

Advanced Power Meter Compatibility 
Polar M460 is compatible with several Bluetooth Smart power meters.

Strava Live Segments 
Make your rides more fun with Strava Live Segments. Your M460 alerts you when you approach one of your starred Strava segments, gives you real-time data on your performance and shows your results after you finish the segment.

GPS & Barometer 
Track your speed, distance, altitude and gradient with GPS and barometer.

Heart Rate Guidance 
Hook up Polar M460 with Polar H10 heart rate sensor and discover the benefits of heart rate training. Heart rate is the most reliable indicator of how hard your body is working - monitoring your heart rate helps you train more effectively.

Long Battery Life 
Polar M460 has a battery life of up to 16 hours of training.

Smart Notifications 
Keep connected during your rides with smart notifications from your phone.

Polar M460 looks after your safety with a front LED light.

Designed to Endure 
Polar M460 has a sleek, clear-cut design and carbon fiber style finish. The side buttons are textured to make them easy to find and press.

• Heart rate
• HRmax
• Heart Rate zones
• Speed/Pace zones
• Power zones
• Advanced Power Metrics
• ZoneLock
• ZonePointer
• Strava Live Segments
• Orthostatic Test
• Polar Fitness Test
• Smart Calories
• Training Benefit
• Training Load
• Recovery Status
• Back to Start
• Distance
• Altitude, ascent/descent
• Sport profiles
• User-adjustable training displays
• Speed/Pace
• Training targets
• Training history
• Training diary
• Laps, manual
• Laps, automatic
• Personal Best
• Real-time VAM
• Autostop/start
• Barometer

Cadence Sensor Bluetooth Smart Features 

Measures your real time and average cadence of your entire cycling session by wireless cadence sensor with Bluetooth. By using cadence sensor you can improve your cycling technique and identify your optimal cadence. The cadence sensor measures your pedaling rate as revolutions per minute so you can compare the effectiveness of your ride against previous rides.

Speed Sensor Bluetooth Smart Features 

Measures your speed wirelessly and accurately and gives you current, average and maximum speed values. You can see the speed in your training computer during your cycling session and in the Polar Flow app and web service afterwards.

Measures your distance wirelessly and accurately and gives you training and lap and total distance values. You can see the distance in your training computer during your cycling session and in the Polar Flow app and web service afterwards.

Incline measurement 
Tells you the uphill or downhill inclination in numerical form, helping you to adjust your cycling effort accordingly. It shows you the uphill/downhill steepness in percentages and grades. You can see the inclination in your training computer during your cycling session and in the Polar Flow app and web service afterwards.

Bluetooth Smart 
Connects your Polar device and possible sensors to each other and enables you to sync your data via mobile. It is a standardized, wireless communication technology that is optimized for low power consumption and based on an open platform. Once paired, the Bluetooth Smart sensor is automatically locked to transmit data to your training computer. The training computer picks up your data from your transmitter only.

Smart Notifications 
Allows you to stay up to date when wearing your training computer in your everyday life. You will receive alerts from incoming calls, messages and push notifications from social media apps and see them on the display of your training computer. During training you can see who's calling and decide if you want to pick up or keep on enjoying your workout. You can define which notifications you wish to receive in your phone's settings or turn off notifications altogether from your training computer.

Button lock 
Keeps the buttons of your training computer safety locked avoiding any undesired accidental presses.

Bike settings for three bicycles 
Allows you to define settings in your training computer for up to three sensor-based bikes. When you start training, you can select the bike with the correct settings for that particular cycling session.

Firmware update 
You will receive software updates to your device through Flow.

• Measurement
• Display
• Water resistance
• Rechargeable battery
• USB cable
• Display texts in languages
• Audio alerts 
• Backlight
• Front LED light
• Date and weekday indicator
• Time of day (12/24h)

• Diary
• Map view
• Relive
• Explore
• Social feed
• Instant activity and training analysis
• Advanced activity and training analysis
• Sport profile settings
• Progress follow-up

Data Transfer 

• Compatible with PC Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and later
• Compatible with Mac OS X 10.6, OS X 10.7, OS X 10.8 and later
• Compatible with Polar Flow web service
• Compatible with Polar Flow mobile app via Bluetooth Smart

Data export 
Allows you to manually export data of your training session to third party apps and services as TCX, GPX or CSV files. You can also zip the files for faster download. E.g. you can export a specific route in GPX format or a training session including key training data like route, heart rate, calories and cadence in TCX format.

3rd party compatibility 
Offers an easy way to connect your Polar training device with 3rd party services. Your training and daily activity details are automatically sent and available to be used in the services where you allow it. Now you can be connected for example with Strava, Training Peaks, Apple Health Kit, Google Fit, MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness, Polar is actively developing new 3rd party compatible services and will update the information constantly. 

Exclusive Polar Smart Coaching Features 

Smart Coaching 
Connect a heart rate sensor to your Polar M460 and get access to Polar's unique Smart Coaching features.

Orthostatic Test 
An easy and reliable way to determine your current condition. Repeat the test regularly to learn what to expect from your heart rate and what can affect it, then adjust your training to allow your body to recover when needed.

Fitness Test 
A five-minute test that measures aerobic fitness from your resting heart rate, heart rate variability and your background information. Complete the test regularly to see the progress you're making.

Training Benefit 

Delivers motivating feedback immediately after the ride describing the effect of the training session.

Smart Calories 
Lets you know exactly how many calories you've burned based on your weight, height, age, gender, your individual maximum heart rate (HRmax) and how hard you're training.

Training Load 
Shows you how your training affects your body and helps you compare the load of different rides. Monitor your load continuously to recognize your personal limits and adjust training intensity and duration accordingly. Available on the Polar Flow web service.

Recovery Status 
Shows you the time necessary for recovery before the next ride. Available on the Polar Flow web service.