SM Gal S7 Slim Arm Violet

SM Gal S7 Slim Arm Violet

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We are a proud US company making essential everyday products that we ourselves love to use! Our core belief is simple. The devil lives in the details. It is the "small" yet 
vital changes to design and engineering that differentiate average products from the great & intuitive ones. Designs that can perfectly integrate into our everyday lives. 
Around here this philosophy is called: "The X-Factor".

The Bar We Proudly Set. 

We measure every product only by its ability to operate flawlessly over months and years of repeated use. We test and re-test every design to ensure the final version will 
ALWAYS meet this benchmark. That is the simple reason our customers keep coming back for their new accessories.

Quality Beyond The Product. 

We back every purchase with knowledgeable (english speaking) customer support and an unconditional "Lifetime Happiness Guarantee". If you are anything less than satisfied 
with your purchase our team will work with you until you are genuinely happy.