10 New Ways to Use A Smartphone Camera

May 14, 2020

When customers come into your store, they very likely know what they’re looking for. They’ve heard about a lot of the pre-loaded apps and bells and whistles smartphones possess: a camera, email, texting, etc. But they may not know about the many other apps that are available – apps that can help them at work, or with their favorite hobbies. Here are some apps you can tell them about that work with their camera.

Scan and Print

MyScan lets users scan, crop and print documents. It also has a file and folder organizer built in so those scans are easier to keep track of.

Warden Cam

Got an old smartphone or tablet lying around? This app lets the user turn it into a surveillance camera. Users install the app on two phones or tablets: one to leave at home and act as the camera, and the other – the one they keep with them – to record it and allow the user to see what’s happening at the camera’s location. The app works on both Android and iOS. Otherwise, the only requirement is a camera on one device and a WIFI connection for both.

Night Sky

Got some stargazing customers with iPhones? Tell them about Night Sky, an app that they can point at any part of the sky that will point out constellations, planets, stars, and even satellites.

Google Lens

Available on both iOS and Android smartphones, Google Lens is the ultimate “translation” app. Yes, it will translate any text you tell it to scan, but it also scans codes, identifies plants and more.


Another option for iPhone users, Spectre makes pictures that much better. Remove power lines, traffic, even people from images with a couple clicks of a button.


For customers who are botanically curious, PlantSnap is available on both iPhones and Android smartphones. Users snap a picture of a tree, plant or flower and the app tells them what it is.

Google Translate and Microsoft Translator

Translate foreign language signs, books and more with one of these translation apps. Snap a picture and get the translation in any language – instantly.

AR Ruler 

Using augmented reality, this app lets users accurately measure anything on their phone, in inches, feet, centimeters or meters. Users never have to worry about carrying a measuring tape again. AR Ruler is available on both Android and iOS operating systems.


No need to carry a graphing calculator around anymore for complex math equations. Mathway can help with everything from algebra to calculus. Snap a picture of the equation – or type it in – and get an instant answer, or choose to see the step-by-step solution instead.

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