4 Must-Have Car and Travel Accessories You Can Get at Wholesale Prices

July 16, 2021

In today’s generation, wherein people practically live in their vehicles for work and adventure, travel gadgets and gizmos become indispensable items. On-the-road accessories help one get through the day without a hitch. Whether on a road trip or simply going to and fro work, modern-day drivers go through different kinds of devices while getting to their destination. 

However, cars already take a bit of time and money to maintain, so people are in a constant search for affordable options that are still high quality. Here are four of the highly sought-after products to add to your shop, especially catering to your customers who are always on the go:

Phone Case

Everybody goes everywhere with their mobile phone. For some, cases become a non-negotiable accessory for their mobiles as an added layer of protection. A phone case will enhance the grip and lessens the risk of the phone slipping through the user’s fingers and shattering, especially when they are in a rush. Additionally, it is easier to replace a case than a broken phone altogether. Some people go through protective cases rapidly without the guilt for a couple of reasons: 

Retailing phone cases require bulk purchases since you have to consider various types and kinds. Thus, wholesale phone cases allow you to reach more cellphone users and cater to more units. Equip your shop with durable phone cases to better meet the needs of on-the-go users. 

Phone Mount

Owing to the same reason above, people hardly take their phones off their sight. It is a source of communication and navigation, even in transit. For instance, hands-free calls and GPS maps require phones to be in view. 

This is why many drivers consider phone mounts as safety nets that prevent them from being distracted on the road. Because drivers place cradles around the eye level, it makes multitasking possible while also keeping eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel. They are convenient tools that have become an extension of the dashboard. 

Easy to use phone mounts such as the SureCall Black Universal Phone Cradle Antenna, which has a built-in cell antenna for a hands-free connected experience, or the iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Qi Fast Charge Car Mount Kit, which features a suction cup installation on windshields or dashboards can impress your safety-conscious and busy customers. Wholesale phone mount prices will allow you always to have stock on hand because you never know how many road accidents a phone cradle can prevent. 

Car Charger

Losing power in the middle of the journey is always unfortunate. People often forget that their vehicle has a substantial battery source possibly used for emergencies. Whether it is a phone, laptop, medical device, or essential apparatus, people can already rely on their car as an alternative charger.

The definitive device for this solution is a USB car charger where most cords can fit. The cigarette lighter feature of vehicles nowadays is reinvented into a power source. Get wholesale car chargers like the Ventev Dashport r2400c USB Type-C™ or the Naztech N420 Wired TRiO Car Charger with Micro-USB Connector at low prices. Much like regular phone chargers, they are practically disposable, yet it is a much-needed accessory for car owners. 

Dashboard Camera

Undoubtedly useful, a dashcam is a helpful tool to prevent break-ins, dispute violations, avoid accidents with sensors and generally help drivers become more mindful of their surroundings. A reliable dashcam like the Kitvision Observer 720p Dashboard Camera offers automatic start/stop journey recording with ignition. Because of its plug-and-play installation with wire tidies, it’s quite easy to set up. The best part is that it has collision detection, which automatically locks and saves the video file.

Dashboard cameras should be easily accessible to any car owner. Get your hands on Issoy’s wholesale dashboard camera retail prices so that your customers could get extra eyes on the road.

Be a gadget shop that offers it all and then some. Issoy recommends that you stock up the catalog with wholesale car and travel accessories. Because of necessity and trend, the above products will be flying off the shelves in no time!