A Universal Second Screen for Smartphones

November 24, 2019

Second smartphone screens may become an affordable stocking stuffer in the near future. Thanks to an innovative new IndieGoGo campaign, users may be able to add a second screen to their smartphones for less than $200.

As smartphones continue to gain popularity and use as everyday computers in a smaller package, the demand for dual or split screen phones continues to grow. However, not everyone is willing or able to ditch their current smartphone for one of the dual screen versions. The new universal option being offered by an independent startup shows that there may be a new trend on the way: easy-to-connect second screens that are compatible with all the most popular smartphone models.

There’s nothing surprising about these trends, that allow for improved use and productivity without the price tag of a brand new phone. Just like earbuds, virtual reality headsets and wireless speakers, a universally-compatible second screen may become the next biggest wave of smartphone accessories your store should stock.

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