Apple Switches from LCD Screens to OLED Screens in iPads

June 07, 2021

Rumor has it Apple is planning to switch from LCD screens to OLED screens on its iPads starting in 2022. This includes the iPad Pro, in addition to their smaller and more budget-friendly options, the iPad and iPad Mini. 

Currently the only tablets with OLED screens have Android operating systems; considering that Apple sells about 50 million iPads a year, the switch may be the beginning of a larger trend to outfit tablets with OLED screens across the market. 

The process of switching from LCD screens to OLED displays is expected to take several years, with some base iPad models sporting the new updated screens in 2022 at the earliest. All iPads will likely be transitioned to OLED screens in 2023.

The move away from LCD screens for tablets is following a trend started in smartphones. Although there are still many mid-range phones available with LCD screens, Apple and other competitors have started moving to OLED screens for their premium and pro models. Samsung and LG are said to be manufacturing these OLED screens for Apple, including for the iPhone 13.

For consumers, there’s good news. Although OLED screens have better resolution, they can be expensive to replace. Fortunately, OLED screens can be replaced by LCD screens in the case of a broken screen, saving the user an expensive replacement on what is already a large investment. 

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