Dry Herb Kits

June 12, 2020

Looking for ways to expand your retail market share? Consider stocking dry herb kits. These kits are vaporizing pens that are designed specifically for smoking loose leaf herbs and have several advantages for the user. Loose leaf herbs have a stronger flavor, delivered with vapor instead of smoke. The delivery system is less destructive to the herbs than combustion methods like a cigarette; these vaporizers preserve more of the herb’s components. They’re made to be used with loose leaf tobacco or other dried, loose leaf herbs.

These dry herb kits can also be used with wax cartridges filled with an herb-infused oil. The herbs or cartridges are heated in a wickless ceramic heating chamber, expelling the vapor and very little aroma. Unlike a vape pen, the vaporizers are not made for liquids like vape juice; if not using loose-leaf herbs, users are encouraged to only use the wax cartridges compatible to their specific model.

The vaporizers are easy to clean and maintain. The stainless-steel parts—the mouthpiece, housing, and base—can be cleaned by soaking them in soap and water for a few hours. Any wax chambers used can be cleaned by soaking a cotton swab or Q-tip in isopropyl alcohol and wiping down the chamber.

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