Exciting New Smartphone Look Available Soon

September 11, 2020

Other than including the fastest processor available on the market and adding more features and bells and whistles, smartphone manufacturers must do what they can to keep their new models fresh, new and in demand. One way that several manufacturers are making their phones unique is through their appearance. Although neither of these phones is on the market yet, these new innovations are likely to be popular among smartphone users the world over.

Samsung’s Transparent Phone

According to a new patent filed in the U.S., Samsung appears to be working on making a fully transparent smartphone. A transparent smartphone would certainly be a show-stopper in a world where most smartphones look more or less the same unless you’re up close or looking at one of the new dual screen or foldable phone models.

New technology has already made it possible for some technological components to be transparent. For instance, Japanese company NTT has created a fully transparent battery that looks like a piece of glass. For any components that aren’t already available in a transparent option, there is a way to make them smaller, possibly hiding them around the edges of the new phone.

Vivo’s Color-Changing Phone

In another innovation, Vivo is working on a new smartphone prototype that changes color. In this smartphone, the user presses a button the edge of the phone, which changes the phone’s back from one color to another. When the user releases the button, the phone changes back to its original color.

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