Featured Bulk Phone Cases: Scooch

September 03, 2021

This month we’re featuring Scooch smartphone cases. Located in Noblesville, Indiana, Scooch was founded by John Stagge, a self-described serial entrepreneur, after he realized there weren’t any other phone cases on the market that did more than either offer drop protection or act as a fashion statement. Scooch phone cases are designed to make them easier to use, with kickstands to prop the phone upright or make them easier to grip for that elusive perfect selfie. They’re designed to make it easier to use your smartphone’s features, including the GPS, video, safe viewing while driving and more. 

Scooch also donates 10 percent of all sales to organizations and programs that support victims of crime and domestic abuse.

Below are some of the Scooch cases Issoy, Inc. carries, available with special pricing for our wholesale buyers. To see our full inventory of Scooch cases, click here. 

iPhone XS Max

Scooch Wingman Case for iPhone Xs Max (Black)

Scooch Wingman Case for iPhone Xs Max (Clear)

iPhone XR

Scooch Wingman iPhone Xr Phone Case (Electric Violet)

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Scooch Wingman Case for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (Clear)

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Incipio NGP Case + Screen Protector Bundle for Samsung Galaxy Note9 - Smoke

Samsung Galaxy S10e


Scooch Wingman Case for Galaxy S10e (Tuxedo) - Retail Packaging

Samsung Galaxy S9

Scooch Wingman 5-in-1 Case for The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (Black)

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