Heartrate Monitors for Athletes

August 11, 2019

An essential part of training for top athletes includes measuring heartrate and meticulously tracking training progression. Issoy is excited new inventory from Polar, one of the top brands in heartrate monitor brands in the world. Contact us today for the best prices on wholesale lots of these goods.  


Polar Heart Rate Monitor - black - Model #M460 HR

This heart rate monitor uses GPS technology and a built-in barometer to track speed, route, altitude and even gradient. It’s compatible with most Bluetooth smart power meters and also comes with a GPS bike computer you can mount on your handlebars for easy monitoring.


Polar Heart Rate Monitor - white - Model #V650 HR

The V650 is a touch screen mountable GPS cycle computer. It includes OpenStreetMap support and lets the user download free map data so cyclists can see their exact location and track all the important metrics to get the most out of their training.


Polar Heart Rate Monitor - white - Model #V650 OH1

Made to be used on its own or paired with a smart app, this optical heart rate monitor is great for runners or swimmers who want to track their heart rate in real time.