Help Customers Find Lost Items with Bluetooth Trackers

June 15, 2020

For anyone who’s ever yelled “Siri, where are you?” to find their smartphone, the logic of having a Bluetooth tracker on your keys is obvious. Losing your keys, especially if you’re in a hurry and need to get somewhere, is one of the most frustrating everyday occurrences that nearly everyone has experienced. Fortunately, Bluetooth trackers have the ability to cut down on the frustration and increase efficiency for your customers.

The Tile Mate Bluetooth Trackers, now available from Issoy, are 25 percent smaller than other trackers, making it easy to forget they’re on a keychain or attached to an item until they’re needed. They connect wirelessly to a smartphone, which you use to “ring your things” when you can’t find them. They’re great for keys, tablets, wallets, water bottles, remote controls – anything you use a lot and are likely to misplace. In addition, they can help you find your luggage more quickly at baggage claim, or find your car if you don’t remember where you’ve parked. Even better, if you can’t find your cell phone, you can double press a Tile Mate tile and it will cause your smartphone to ring back at you.

The Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker doesn’t require charging. Its battery will last up to one year before needing to be replaced. The trackers are also water resistant and have a range of up to 150 feet.

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