How Smartphones Are Changing the World

July 03, 2020

Smartphones have changed many things since their inception and growing popularity over the past decade plus, since Apple released the first iPhone in 2007. Although technically the first smartphone was created by IBM in 1992, the last 13 years have shown a massive change in the global culture. Many of those changes are thanks to the resources now available in a single device that fits into your pocket.

Here are some ways smartphones have changed the culture and the world:

Increased social media usage and new platforms

One of the biggest ways cell phone use has transformed the world is by giving room to the rise of social media platforms. Without the ability to log on from anywhere with a WIFI or cell signal, the prevalence of social media platforms wouldn’t be near as impressive. Any social media platform – from Facebook to Twitter to TikTok to LinkedIN – knows that the key to gathering followers is to provide a suite of options to connect through a smartphone. Although there are many other ways cell phones are revolutionizing the way the world operates, one could argue that the ability to stay connected through these social networks is one of the major ways things are now different – both for the good and the bad.

Not only is it much easier to record a video, it just takes a couple taps to upload that video to a social media platform, increasing the number of people who will view it exponentially. This is true for all types of videos, from footage of police actions to a surprise proposal on the subway. Social media use on smartphones has also been used to build momentum and share information lightning fast, helping to connect activists all over the world and rally them to a single cause, as has been seen recently with the Black Lives Matter protests. 

Aside from social media use, there are other ways smartphones have made lives easier and affected daily lives, too:

Overall, having a smartphone is becoming an essential way to stay connected with everything, from friends and family across the world, to the next destination you’re driving to, and even to your bank balance. The increasing ways that smartphones are used on a daily basis makes stocking smartphones and their accessories a smart investment. 

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