How to Reduce Smartphone Battery Wear

November 10, 2020

Anyone who’s had a smartphone knows that the battery is probably the least important thing you consider before you’ve had a smartphone and the most important thing you consider once you’ve owned one. Once a battery begins to deteriorate and won’t hold a charge, it can become so irritating that it becomes the reason to replace a phone, even if it’s otherwise working perfectly. That deterioration has to do with battery wear. The good news is there are ways to deal with this wear to preserve the battery and prolong its life. 

Smartphone batteries don’t like getting hot, which they do when they charge. Getting hot often can cause them to burn out faster, which means they won’t be able to hold a charge as long. They get hotter on wireless chargers, which generally charge the battery faster than the supplied charging cable. 

To conserve the battery for longer, you can tell your users to avoid using a wireless charger overnight. Instead, they can use the supplied charger or an old USB charging cable. By using the wireless charger during the day for quick top ups, they can prolong the battery life of their phone and save themselves the cost of a new phone in the long run. 

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