Huawei Sells the Most Smartphones in Q2 2020

August 08, 2020

Thanks in large part to the coronavirus pandemic, Huawei has surpassed Samsung as the top seller of smartphones across the globe. According to a report from Canalys, the Chinese company sold more phones than any other manufacturer in the second quarter of 2020. Although there is no guarantee they’ll be able to keep their lead, the change is impressive, considering Huawei is not able to sell its smartphones in the U.S. Thanks to restrictions imposed by U.S. President Trump, the company can only support its current products in the country, but they can’t sell new ones.

There are several factors that led to Huawei’s newfound frontrunner status. As many retailers shuttered their brick and mortar stores for mandated quarantines to slow the spread of the virus during the coronavirus pandemic, smartphone sales have fallen in the U.S. The second is that Huawei’s primary market since the U.S. closed its doors to the company is now mainland China, which, which was one of the first countries to recover from the effects of the pandemic. 

Samsung, whose business relies heavily on the U.S. smartphone market, also saw many of its other markets suffer due to Covid-19 outbreaks.

“Samsung has a very small presence in China, with less than 1% market share, and has seen its core markets, such as Brazil, India, the United States and Europe, ravaged by outbreaks and subsequent lockdowns,” said Canalys Senior Analyst Ben Stanton.

In contrast, Huawei increased shipments in China 8 percent during the second quarter of 2020. Currently, 70 percent of its smartphones currently sell within its home country.

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