New OLED Screens More Likely to Suffer from Screen Burn

March 04, 2021

Screen burn on a smartphone in is when a display shows discoloration. It may be fading colors, the outline of a text or image, or patches or patterns that show up on the screen. Although the display still functions normally, burn in—another name for the phenomena—means there’s a ghost of an image or a discoloration that is always visible when the screen is on. 

Although burn in is an issue that can happen on LCD displays, it’s much less likely due to how they’re manufactured. Unfortunately, burn in is much more likely in OLED displays, which most of the top smartphone manufacturers are now using for the displays of their top end smartphones. Burn in is a hardware issue; unfortunately, it’s permanent once it shows up. 

Screen burn happens because different parts of the display age at different rates. For example, the parts of the display that consistently show the same color or navigation options—especially bright white or blue—tend to be the first to go.

There are a number of fixes for burn in on OLED displays. Companies are working to decrease the chance of burn in through a mix of manufacturing and software solutions. If someone’s phone is already experiencing burn in on their OLED display, one option is to replace it with an LCD screen, which are much less likely to experience it. Issoy, Inc. offers replacement iPhone LCD screens in bulk to retailers so they can provide this solution to screen burn to their customers. 

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