Pela: Eco-Friendly Smartphone Cases

September 22, 2021

Issoy, Inc. is proud to sell Pela smartphone cases, one of the leading sustainable, compostable smartphone cases on the market. 

Pela is climate neutral certified through a combination of reducing their carbon emissions and offsetting their carbon footprint with the purchase of verified carbon credits.

In addition, Pela products produce 80 percent less waste; use 34 percent less water and create 30 percent fewer carbon emissions than other brands.

Pela smartphone cases are made from renewable resources as much as possible, using plant-based materials to create our protective cases. While in use they protect your smartphone as well as any case. Once discarded, they break down quickly and efficiently within several months through a composting process. Using plants and microorganisms to create their cases means Pela is less reliant on fossil fuels, reducing carbon emissions all across the board.

Through the Pela 360 program, the company helps other companies with their own plastic waste, in addition to manufacturing its own sustainable smartphone cases. Pela uses these recycled cases as a component in their own cases by regrinding old cases in addition to using plant-based materials and microorganisms. 

Pela has sold more than one million cases to date. Based on an average weight of .33 pounds per smartphone case, this means Pela has helped to keep more than 580,000 pounds of plastic out of the waste stream. Pela’s goal is to remove 1 billion pounds of plastic from the waste stream by 2028.

Below are links to Pela cases that Issoy, Inc. has available to our partners at wholesale prices. Contact us today to order or learn more.

Pela Compostable Cases for iPhones

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Pela Case Brown Cover

iPhone 12 Mini Pela Black Compostable Eco-Friendly Protective Case

iPhone 12 Mini Pela Green Compostable Eco-Friendly Protective Case

iPhone 12 Mini Pela Lavender Compostable Eco-Friendly Clear Case

iPhone 12 Mini Pela Turquoise Turtle Edition Compostable Eco-Friendly Protective Case

iPhone 12 Mini Pela Yellow Honey Bee Edition Compostable Eco-Friendly Protective Case

Pela Case Environmentally Friendly sea Shell Protective case for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Cover/Shell Protective case Plastic Mobile Phone case in Brown

Pela Compostable Cases Samsung Galaxy Phones

Pela: Phone Case for Samsung S10-100% Compostable and Biodegradable - Eco-Friendly - Made from Plants (S10 Black)