Pelican Phone Cases

February 20, 2019

Pelican phone cases are built to last, offering both a unique look for your phone and also protection from damage. Choose the pelican phone case for your Samsung Smart Phone. There are several different models for Samsung S8, S8+, and even some options for the older S6 and S7 models. Best of all, Pelican phone cases come with a lifetime guarantee.

As electronics wholesale distributors, Issoy, Inc. can offer Pelican phone cases for Samsung and Galaxy smartphones plus other models at liquidation prices.

Choose the Adventurer Pelican Phone Case in several different color options for both Samsung Galaxy S8 phones and Samsung Galaxy S8+ smartphones.

The Adventurer Case is 23% stronger than similar models by other brands. Combined with its dual-layer technology, and you’ll see it’s both slimmer and stronger than competitor phone cases.

Adventurer Models available:

Issoy, Inc. has the Voyager model Pelican Phone Case in white or black for the Samsung S7. The Voyager phone case features a swiveling belt clip and is made with an elastomer within a protective polycarbonate shell and a scratch resistant screen protector for ultimate protection.

Voyager Phone Case Models Available:

Issoy also stocks clear screen protectors through Pelican, including the Interceptor model for Samsung 8 phones, including scratch, fingerprint and crack-resistant screens for both the S8 and S8+.

Interceptor Screen Protector Models Available:

Other Pelican Phone Case Products Available from Issoy, Inc.: