Photography Accessories

January 09, 2020

Cater to the photography buffs among your customers with these accessories from Issoy Just in time for Valentine’s Day, these photography accessories are the perfect gift to suggest for the hard-to-buy for loved one.

HUAWEI AF15 Wireless Bluetooth Control Cellphone Tripod Stand/Selfie Stick

This two-in-one tripod stand and selfie stick for smartphones will be popular among your photography customers. It stabilizes the phone for better pics, and can extend up to 26 inches as a selfie stick. A remote Bluetooth-enabled shutter allows for remotely taking the picture, and its 360-degree rotation lets users take pictures from multiple angles. With a magnetic closing and aluminum alloy frame, it’s both easy to use and lightweight to haul.

LG CAM Plus Grip CBG-720-Compatible with LG G5

This LG G5 phone accessory gives users the feel and controls of a digital camera. It connects to the back of the G5 phone and gives users more options for snapping a picture, with the grip and feel of a real camera. Features include physical shutter keys (press halfway down to focus), zoom and record.

Strong N'Free Selfie Stick

The selfie stick from Strong N Free is a surefire seller. It’s easy to use and compatible with all smartphones with a phone jack that are up to 3.3 inches long. Users can plug the phone into the adjustable mount and rotate it up to 270 degrees to snap the perfect picture. It’s also collapsible for easy storage.

Olloclip 4-in-1 Photo Lens + OLLOCASEs for iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus

This 4-in-1 lens from Olloclip takes the built-in camera of the iPhone 6 series to the next level, with both fish eye and wide-angle lens options. Compatible with all the most popular photo and video apps, it’s a great affordable option for photographers looking to upgrade their camera-taking capabilities at an affordable price.

Issoy sells photography accessories at discounted prices for wholesale orders. Contact us today to learn more.