Portable Smart Speakers

December 04, 2019

Thanks to new technology, Bluetooth speakers can do much more than just play music. Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri have all made it possible for users to give commands to their speakers. Smart speaker owners can do everything from change a radio station, to dim the lights in a room, set an alarm clock, buy a product or set reminders. 

Although the specific capabilities of a smart speaker depend on the brand and its connected assistant, overall these speakers are gaining ground for making life easier for users with busy days and a lot of tasks to handle. 

For retailers, stocking smart speakers is a smart choice for 2020. The Internet of Things is gaining ground, and so is smart technology. These speakers are Bluetooth enabled for easy wireless connection. They’re lightweight, small and unobtrusive, with great sound. Many use rechargeable batteries, so they’re easily used somewhere that a power source isn’t available. 

Looking for innovative ways to sell smart speakers to your customers? Here are some examples of what users can ask their smart speakers to do:

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