Samsung to Release New Revolutionary Smartphones

May 04, 2020

In light of sales drops due to the coronavirus pandemic and ensuing quarantine, Samsung has reported that it will release two new products in the second half of the year in an attempt to excite loyal customers stuck at home.


The Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Fold 2 are both expected to incorporate 5G technology. These new smartphones will have some unexpected components. Due to shortages and closed factories, the Snapdragon processor is not available as a processing option, leading Samsung to likely use the Exynos processor instead. The Exynos 992 processor will have enhanced processing power, with better power and performance than its 990 version. Other bells and whistles include faster memory and storage, new security biometrics, changes to the S Pen and a chipset upgrade. The manufacturer has also hinted at a new display with reduced blue light – an upgrade that many will likely welcome, now that screen time has skyrocketed for users during the coronavirus pandemic thanks to stay-at-home-orders that require more online meetings and video chat dates to see friends.

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