Smartphone Screen Protectors

June 20, 2019

Smartphones have become so prevalent that most people are now walking around with a $500-$1000 piece of electronics in their pocket. These handheld devices make it possible to keep in touch with anyone with the touch of a button; take a picture at any moment; speak to someone across the world; check your bank account balance; check tomorrow’s weather and see what your schedule is the rest of the year if necessary.

In the time period after your smartphone gets lost or breaks, it becomes very clear very quickly how reliant you are on that small piece of metal and glass. Phone cases and screen protectors are two ways to keep your phone safer from that kind of pain. 

Especially since the advent of the touch screen, keeping your screen working is paramount. Using a screen protector that’s made specifically for your make and model of smartphone will keep it from getting scratched, cracked or broken. 

When you buy a case for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone, be sure it includes a screen protector. This seemingly insignificant piece of plastic can save you an expensive repair or replacement bill. You can also buy screen protectors separately. 

At Issoy, Inc., we have wholesale lots of phone cases and screen protectors for all the most popular smartphones. Check out our current inventory lists or our brands to find the perfect fit for your phone and lifestyle.