Tech Companies to Watch for 5G

August 03, 2020

5G technology is continuing to grow in popularity, especially as more and more people depend on their smartphones to stay connected to loved ones and business associates. This trend isn’t just for U.S. consumers, either: in China, one in three of all smartphones sold in the second quarter of 2020 were 5G compatible. Huawei, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, managed to corral 60 percent of the Chinese smartphone market with its 5G compatible phones, even as overall sales fell compared to the same time last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Aside from Huawei, there are five companies to watch whose technology is essential to a future that embraces 5G, the newest driver for the modern tech market:


The manufacturer of the popular iPhone has seen sales increase, even as other manufacturers have seen losses. The iPhone 12 is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2020 and will be 5G compatible.


Qualcomm is the maker of the processors used by Apple and other smartphone manufacturers; it’s the company that will make the 5G chips the world’s best smartphones will depend on to access this new technology.


A market leading U.S. cell phone service provider, Verizon will be updating its cell services to make them 5G compatible in both cities and rural areas throughout the country.


Ciena is another service provider whose networks will make 5G accessible for U.S. users across the country.  


Google is joining the 5G bandwagon with its next smartphones, set to be released this fall. The Google Pixel 5 and Google Pixel 4a will be both be 5G compatible. Most importantly for many consumers, the 5G versions of these new smartphones from Google will be available for under $500. This affordable 5G smartphone is likely to be a top seller, especially since many consumers still haven’t gone back to work due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

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